e3people is a leadership and organizational development coaching and consulting firm


Whether you are team leader, small business owner, or an individual contributor, you need to develop and maintain the focus, clarity and emotional intelligence increasingly demanded for success in professional and entrepreneurial workspaces. e3people founder Nicole Olivieri-Schupp provides tailored interventions that can help you achieve your strategic goals and broader aspirations. Entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders at all levels will see a measurable improvement in their performance – and in the performance of those they lead.



We believe that empowered and engaged people produce excellent results.


We believe that you have the power to achieve your most challenging goals.


We believe that engaged people outperform their peers.





"I was promoted to a senior manager position where three of my four direct reports were completely new to my technical team. The program Nicole led gave me the leadership capabilities I needed to help me grow and develop my team members."

- LaVonne M., Senior Technical Manager

"I’ve participated in several professional development courses led by Nicole. She does a great job of explaining how key concepts are applicable to the everyday work environment, and often brings in senior leadership to share their experiences and insights. She expects us to be active participants and encourages post-course collaboration amongst class members. With her high-energy, positive attitude, and targeted classes, Nicole has helped me grow immensely in my first 18 months at the organization."

 - Lindsay P., Senior Communications Manager