What Happens if I Hire e3People?

You’ll change. Your managers and individual contributors will change. You’ll see how you work and how the people around you work with greater emotional intelligence and insight. You’ll be more productive, happier and your team will be more engaged.

What We Offer:

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Leadership Development for New Managers

We’ll help your new managers learn to lead themselves, lead others and lead the organization. We focus on the emotional and behavioral skills critical to managing and building high-performing teams. Your managers will lead and motivate employees to perform at their best every day. The program is offered one-on-one or for small groups.

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Coaching for Entrepreneurs

The best sales skills, the greatest ideas and the sharpest technical prowess will be for naught without the focus, drive and clarity needed to take your business to the next level. Whether you are an independent sales person, or the founder of a small company, learn how to reflect on what you are doing well and what needs work.

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Leading Change for Teams and Organizations

Are you adopting a new technology platform? Faced with a dramatic reorganization? Or just need for your team to approach their work in innovative and creative ways? We’ll help you expose the invisible forces that thwart change (values, norms, behaviors, etc.) and recreate a culture where employees are encouraged to explore new ideas and embrace failure as a learning opportunity. The end result is sustained behavioral change, including how problems are approached and decisions are made.


Thank you so much for leading the “Change & You” program. It is the most relevant and helpful information I have ever seen on the subject. Now that we have been through this as a team, I feel more confident than ever that we will be able to manage change within our department and keep people engaged during the process.
— Gregg P, Senior Manager

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One-on-One Performance Coaching

e3people uses the YB12 Coaching yb12coach.com program for individuals seeking to strengthen their performance, professionally or personally. An exceptional program for sales people, owners of small companies and those seeking a career change. Also ideal for professionals seeking to take their career to the next level.

Demonstrating our commitment to the community, we are proud members of one of the most influential business organizations in the region: The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.