Total Focus Workshop

Short, sharp and powerful!

This workshop is delivered to you and your staff as a call to action. The focus is on beating procrastination, self-analysis to determine your strengths, mind mastery to help participants to think above the crowd, our A–Z action planning process and emotional management subjects to empower your team to meet the challenge of change. This is followed by our 90-day challenge to CHANGE.


Who should participate?

Audiences from major corporations, small businesses, government agencies, community groups and public audiences have benefited from Total Focus. Participants find this workshop to be inspirational and in many cases, a defining point in their lives.


What You Can Expect?

You’ll focus your life to achieve beyond what you previously thought was possible.

You’ll learn to think ‘Above the Crowd’, in new and different ways to develop mind mastery.

You’ll develop Emotional Management skills to help you meet the challenges of life.

Workshop icon_Clarity.png


Gaining clarity about personal and professional goals through an honest self-analysis.


Development of a structured daily plan for staying focused and on-task to achieve your goal.



Emotional management tools to negotiate life regardless of prevailing circumstances.

Mind Mastery

Mind mastery tools to help you think above the crowd, in new and different ways.


Our 90-day challenge to assist in meeting the challenge of change.